Herbal Infusions 30g

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Loose leaf herbal teas made with 100% organic certified herbs grown on our farm in Falkland Meadowsweet organics. Handmade in small batches with herbs dried under 37degrees to preserves their properties, and blended by a qualified herbalist.

Tranquili-tea is a calming and relaxing infusion which contains; lemonbalm, chamomile, oats & lavender.

Feminini-tea is a nourishing and balancing blend for women and contains; lemonbalm, raspberry leaf, yarrow, mugwort and rose, lavender & calendula. Please note that it isnt suitable during pregnancy.

Digestabili-tea is a calming and supporting blend for the digestive system, which makes a perfect after dinner drink. It contains; korean mint (agastache), spearmint, fennel, marshmallow & calendula.

Vitali-tea is a cleansing and energizing blend which contains; peppermint, nettle, red clover, self heal and mullein.